Sunday, June 12, 2011


I know it's been a while (a month, to be exact). I kept trying to upload videos to the blog, would get frustrated and quit before I had written anything. I finally uploaded them to YouTube, so I'm hoping I can figure out how to embed them to the blog. Here goes nothing!

The first video is one of our favorite faces she made when she first started eating solids. This was taken 4/25/11 (8 months):

This is Part II of her crawling videos (taken 5/15/11 at 9 months). She is now a pro at crawling (and now can pull herself up!):

And last, this one was taken tonight (6/12/11 at 10 months). Amelia just finished eating, and Jon was leaning in to kiss her. She "pushed" him away, laughed hysterically, and they kept this up for a good 10 minutes. I love this sound!!

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